One More Wave Surf Corp, is a certified non profit 501(c)(3). Our mission is to provide wounded or disabled veterans access to surfing by providing them with customized surfing equipment and assistance. This enables our riders to achieve therapy through the ocean.

Our scope is large but our resources are limited so we strive to prioritize veterans based on need – physical, emotional and financial.

Please keep in mind that each board takes time to customize and costs in excess of $1,000 so we feel it is right to prioritize those in the greatest need first – to put it bluntly, we’d like to be clear that this is not a program to give free surf boards to people that just want one because they qualify – this is to provide our wounded veterans with an outlet to find some tranquility in the waves where they belong.









Length of Services (yrs)

Injury or Disability

Please let us know what your injury or disability is.


Level of experience

Type of Equipment Desired


What conditions do you usually surf?

Where do you usually surf?

How often do you surf?

Does your injury or disability preclude you from doing anything in the water? If so, please let us know how.

What kind of equipment do you usually use?

Are you interested in a specific brand or design?



Are you willing to travel to San Diego to surf demo equipment in order to refine the process? If approved and needed, One More Wave will cover the expense


Please feel free to let us know what surfing and ocean therapy means to you. This is not a "make or break" by any means but a chance for us to understand how our Donor's contributions will potentially affect you with ocean therapy

How did you hear about us?

Lastly, are you comfortable with taking pictures with your new equipment once it is received?


Please attach your DD 214 or photographic ID