Jay Munoz

Jay has a big personality and despite only entering the water five to six times prior to joining the One More Wave family, his hard work as a surfer has become a centerpiece for his daily life. Jay was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and moved to Miami, Florida, when he was just ten years old. After high school graduation, he … Read More

Joe Jackson

Joe has a passion for the water and enjoyed water polo, surfing, and swimming during his childhood growing up in Modesto, a city located in the Central Valley of California. When he became old enough to enlist in the military the Marines initially turned him down. “The Marines said I was too stupid to join their branch,” Joe laughed. “It’s … Read More

Jose Martinez

One More Wave team rider No. 193 Talks Community and Impact. Video edited and produced by Aidan Demolli  

Dana Cummings

One More Wave team rider No. 242 gets his new customized surfboard. Video edited and produced by Aidan Demolli

Kyle Wilhelm

Before the Army, Kyle grew up in the suburbs in the Ventura area of California, where he enjoyed riding motorcycles and shooting guns during the holidays on his family’s farm in Lancaster. With some college under his belt and work experience at a hot rod shop building custom cars, he had the thought in the back of his mind whether … Read More

Chris Small

One More Wave team rider #1 receives his second customized surfboard. Video edited and produced by Aidan Demolli  

Mark Thorton

One More Wave team rider receives a customized waveski painted by the original artist from the famous Apocalypse Now (1979) movie. Video edited and produced by Aidan Demolli. “Charlie Don’t Surf!”

Arturo Ayala

Arturo was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, under a strict Catholic household. Growing up, Arturo was active in the Cali-lifestyle; skateboarding, body surfing, and boogie boarding. Vying to see the world, meet new friends, and gain perspective, Arturo enlisted into the US Army when he was a senior in high school. After Basic Training in Oklahoma in July … Read More

Derrick Ross

Derrick is a natural storyteller, a hard charger, and speaks on experience. Ever since childhood growing up in Skokie, a small suburb outside of Chicago, he dreamed about being a soldier. At 17-years-old between his junior and senior years of high school, Derrick went to basic training while in the Army reserves and upon graduation he went to job training … Read More

Kelly Talavera

  Kelly grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, and joined the US Navy as a corpsman at the age of 25 in 2004. She deployed aboard the Mercy hospital ship in 2008 and spent time in Okinawa, Japan, but her most harrowing experiences occurred during a six-month deployment to FOB Jackson in Sangin, Afghanistan, from 2010-2011.  Kelly served as an … Read More

Steve Mount

Steve joined the military prior to 9/11, born to missionary parents in Panama and raised between San Diego and Los Angeles surfing the coast. After graduating from UC Riverside he commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marines in 1996. During his first deployment while conducting training operations in Darwin, Australia, in 2001, attached to the 15th MEU as a … Read More

Terry Knight

Terry has lived a life of service since graduating from high school in his hometown along the northwestern part of Oak Harbor, Washington. He joined the Navy Reserve through the Sea Air Mariner program and flew aboard the C-9-31 as an aircrewman. Unable to advance he got out of the Navy after four years and enlisted in the Army as … Read More

Danny O’Neel

“Normally I watched music videos on MTV while getting ready for work and I saw all the channels showed the World Trade Center on fire, I watched the second plane crash into the building and it was my call to action,” Danny said. “As a young man I felt it was my responsibility to do something, doing nothing wasn’t an … Read More

Dan Cnossen surf therapy

Dan Cnossen

  Dan Cnossen is soft-spoken, humble, and embodies the values of never quitting despite the challenges that lay before him. His journey of accomplishment began when he committed to becoming a Navy SEAL officer, moving from his hometown of Topeka, Kansas, to attend the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. When he graduated in 2002, a year after the terrorist … Read More

Shorty Ogden-Moles

Shorty spent her teenage years and early twenties volunteering as a firefighter in a country town located 20 minutes from Salem, Oregon. After receiving a phone call from a close friend on September 11, 2001, saying the US was under attack, Shorty felt a need to do something about it. At that time, firefighting jobs in the army were outsourced … Read More

Kris Biggs

Each adaptive athlete that applies to receive assistance from One More Wave has his or her own unique story. Biggs’ journey is a story of resilience and struggle that’s masked behind his positive attitude towards life, emphasized through his experiences with hardship. Biggs grew up in Abilene, Texas, where he went to college for a year but realized there were … Read More

Todd Piluk

Before the joining the Marine Corps, Todd aspired to become an architect as he grew up bouncing back and forth between South Carolina and Rhode Island. At 18-years-old, Todd enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1997, but didn’t travel far to attend boot camp at Parris Island. Following Marine Corps boot camp, he attended various schools end up where he … Read More

Bustah Kawasaki

One More Wave’s Ambassador of Stoke – Buster Kawasaki – grew up in Hawaii and after high school enlisted in the Army to travel the world and serve his country. He served as a Fuel & Electrical Systems Repairman for eight years where he worked on building the small components of engines. Buster’s service led him to New Jersey, Maryland, … Read More

Tony Lynch

Tony never had any aspirations to join the military, since his uncle served in Vietnam and later became a POW (Prisoner Of War) and still remains MIA (Missing In Action) to this day. While growing up in a small suburb called Littleton, located just outside of Denver, Colorado, Tony was an all-sport athlete. In his early years he played soccer … Read More

Pete Slayden

When first meeting Pete, one will immediately feel comfortable around his outgoing and fun presence. It’s hard not to smile because his personality is contagious. Growing up as he describes as a normal upbringing in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Pete was an avid wrestler. After working for a few years after high school and preparing for military service, Pete enlisted in … Read More

Tommy Counihan

One More Wave team rider receives a new surfboard fully customized to his needs!

Nate Hamilton

In 2010, Hamilton deployed to Afghanistan as a corpsman as a part of a Marine Infantry unit. While on patrol, one of his vehicles ran over an Improvised Explosive Device, commonly referred to as an IED. The explosion sent shrapnel in every direction and the blast engulfed the vehicle in fire. Without hesitation and ignoring the numerous injuries suffered to … Read More